Review: Quantum yoga DVDs


I’ve had these DVDs for a few years, but thought it might be nice to review them here. My main practice is ashtanga, but I don’t always fancy doing the primary series again, and like to mix it up a bit. These DVDs are aimed at intermediate-advanced practitioners, and are vinyasa flow sequences.

The idea behind Quantum Yoga is that you tailor the sequence according to how you feel, in line with your Ayurvedic dosha. If you practice all of these DVDs regularly (not just the one for your dosha-type), then you will feel more balanced. This may not be as intuitive as it sounds – if we feel sluggish, perhaps what we need is an invigorating practice, not a slow gentle one. Interestingly, I instinctively prefer the ‘pitta’ Beauty DVD (pitta is my dominant dosha), and like the ‘kapha-regulating’  Leaping Salmon one the least.

The general structure of the practices is as follows: ‘sublimatio’ (which usually includes a breathing exercise), sun salutations (different for each sequence), standing poses, standing & arm balances, floor work, backbends, inversions & a relaxation at the end.

These DVDs are pretty challenging – from one-arm arm balances (which I can’t do!), to hanumanasana (nope) to the reverse bird of paradise pose (I can achieve this sometimes, depending on the way the wind blows!). Modifications of these harder poses are always given. The sequences are filmed in beautiful locations, and the instructuor’s voice is gentle and relaxing, with a light-hearted sense of humour. I don’t use these as my main practice DVDs, I do one of them once a week maybe, but I always enjoy them and they are a nice way to break up your ashtanga practice (if that’s what you’re looking to do). It is nice to do some poses that are not part of the primary series once in a while (am I going to ashtanga-hell for saying that?!)…


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