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Spiritual boot camp


So I’m trying to live by the yamas and niyamas, and practice asana, pranayama and meditation. This blog is a light-hearted look at the challenges of doing this in the modern world, not always that easy. Whilst in the fifties we were promised the “leisure society”, a world of technology and labour-saving devices. But where did it go? People are tied to their jobs even more by Blackberries, meaning they are never off duty.

A couple of years ago I chose to drop my hours at work and do only two and a half days a week. Work was taking over, and I needed a better work-life balance. But even now, I often wonder where the time goes each week. Each moment is precious, but it’s often hard to make the most of it, hence this blog and the “spiritual boot camp” I’m on. Lack of time feels like the single biggest challenge to this lifestyle change. Yes, in an ideal world I could do 90mins of ashtanga primary series, another hour of meditation and pranayama. But with a 7yr old, a job, family life in general means it’s not always that easy. Opportunities for meditation are often interrupted. I guess it’s about making it a priority in your day, but at the moment this feels like a struggle.