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Yoga sutras of Patanjali 1.49


This special truth(rtambhara) is totally different from knowledge gained by hearing, study of scripture or inference.

That knowledge is different from the knowledge that is commingled with testimony or through inference, because it relates directly to the specifics of the object, rather than to those words or other concepts.

When you achieve wisdom-filled-with-truth, you can understand everything, through your own experience, rather than through study. Through meditation, you can gain great wisdom into the nature of yourself and the universe.



Yoga sutras of Patanjali 1.48


This is rtambhara prajna, or the absolute true consciousness.

The experiential knowledge that is gained in that state is one of essential wisdom and is filled with truth.

After attaining concentration without subtle thoughts, there is ‘wisdom-filled-with-truth’, or rtambhara. Patanjali goes on to further describe this in the next sutra.